Supporting Heroes offers a variety of classes that cover important topics related to line-of-duty death and are tailored for a variety of groups.

See below for descriptions of classes and links for schedules and registration.

The following topics are generally included to varying degrees in all classes. Some cover these topics specifically and in-depth, while others include them to a lesser degree as part of a broader scope.

  • Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (federal benefits covering line-of-duty death and disability)
  • Honor
  • Appropriately distinguishing between line-of-duty honors and active-duty honors

Some very important themes serve as the foundation for all our classes:

  • All with a formal role in an agency’s response to a line-of-duty death must prepare themselves and their agencies before tragedy strikes
  • Properly responding to a line-of-duty death is about a great deal more than planning a formal honors funeral
  • Preserving the integrity of each service field’s highest symbolic honors is incumbent on all
  • Actions of leaders following a line-of-duty death have more impactful and further-reaching effects than most realize

Our broader-scope classes are designed to help individuals with special roles understand the nuances of those roles and how their actions affect others—not just those they intend to serve, but also groups not traditionally recognized.

These classes are generally tailored for:

  • Chiefs and chief officers
  • Honor guard members
  • Chaplains
  • Anyone with a leadership or organizational role dealing with or preparing for a line-of-duty death

Additionally, we often offer classes geared for everyone — first responders, their family members, news media, citizens, etc. — to help with understanding the basics of line-of-duty death, proper classification, and benefits.

We currently offer the following classes. Others can be available upon request.


Fortunately, most Public Safety leaders will conclude their careers without ever having to deal with the line-of-duty death of someone under their leadership.

Still, leaders must recognize that it can happen anywhere and at any time. Nationwide, it occurs approximately 350 times per year. In our service area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri, it happens approximately 18 times per year. (Losses during the pandemic were 3X higher.)

Given the devastating impact on the family of the fallen and other members of an agency, and the profound effects on both groups by how leaders respond to such a tragedy, it is of utmost importance for leaders to prepare themselves and their agencies in advance. Unfortunately, most leaders fail to do so and are unprepared for the many difficult decisions they will be called upon to make that will be life-changing for others.

HONOR, BENEFITS, and FIRST STEPS examines many aspects of line-of-duty death and helps prepare leaders, chaplains, honor guards, and anyone who would have a role in an agency response for the incredible responsibility they will carry.

This is not a funeral planning class.

While it covers some aspects of formal honors, it is about much more. It guides leaders on important steps that should be taken immediately and over the days that follow. It also presents principles and values for making decisions and dealing with unexpected issues that will most certainly arise.

Ultimately, the class is intended to help leaders at all levels respond to a line-of-duty death while being mindful and respectful of all affected groups – including the family of the fallen, co-workers and their families, friends, members of neighboring agencies, and even community members at large.

As noted, it is also about much more than a funeral and includes information about benefits, honor, and aftercare.

All who would have a role in an agency’s response to a line-of-duty death are encouraged to join us for HONOR, BENEFITS, and FIRST STEPS.

Current Class Offerings

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