The Supporting Heroes Memorial Team exists to assist agencies in rendering “Ultimate Honor for Ultimate Sacrifice.”

In the wake of losing a co-worker and friend, agency personnel should be free to grieve with their brothers and sisters in service and with the support of their families, not saddled with tasks such as planning or directing parking at a funeral venue or cemetery, traffic control along a funeral procession route, or any of the many other tasks that require time and focus.

When a hero falls, the Supporting Heroes Memorial Team offers to take on those responsibilities to the degree desired by agency leaders. It commits to doing them according to the highest standards with precision and expertise, thereby freeing agency personnel to grieve, support one another, and heal.

Assisting in multiple service fields across multiple states for the past 20 years and studying professional honors funerals across the country, the Supporting Heroes Memorial Team has developed significant expertise in coordinating the rendering of ultimate honor for ultimate sacrifice and a vision that goes deeper than just the mechanics of the individual elements.


Our team comprises active and retired first responders from across the region who dedicate themselves to doing the behind-the-scenes work necessary to honor someone who has given his/her life in the line of duty. With the support of agency leaders, team members who are active first responders are relieved from duty and allowed to respond in an official capacity on behalf of their agency.

Team members endeavor to act with humility and transparency as they direct attention to a fallen hero and support his/her family, agency, and community.


Ultimate sacrifice deserves ultimate honor – When someone gives his/her life in the line of duty, it is the ultimate sacrifice. We render honors accordingly and without judgment or discrimination.

Wishes of the family come first – We recognize a funeral is a private family matter that is only shared if a family chooses. We also understand family wishes regarding the particulars of a funeral are critically important.

We direct attention to the hero – Our efforts are to honor and direct attention to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We will not attempt to attract attention individually or as a team.

No effort is too great, and no detail too small Working as a team to honor those who have “given their all,” no effort is so significant that it will dissuade us or so small to be unworthy of our time or attention.

Citizens are an essential part of a tribute – When a hero falls, he/she falls in service to the community. Therefore, we engage citizens as much as possible – for their benefit as well as to show the family and those who continue to serve that their community cares.


While Supporting Heroes provides primary support services to families across our entire service area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri, our Memorial Team generally only serves the Fire and EMS service fields in Indiana and all service fields in Kentucky.

Police, Fire, and EMS funerals are generally handled by teams that were already established in Missouri when Supporting Heroes expanded there in 2016. In Indiana, police funerals are typically coordinated by a team of the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police or the Indiana State Police Honor Guard.

Even though our Memorial Team does not generally serve beyond the areas described above, family support and other forms of support extend across our entire three-state service area.